Milkshakes and massages

Things that go together like cookies and cream:

Reality TV and bad decision making

Underwear and pants (generally speaking)

Prince and the Revolution

Fast food and deep-tissue massage

And yes, I just figured out that last one, and I think it may be the essential to the universe’s riches — a company that combines a luxury medspa with bougie-bouge fast food.


I know this ’cause I saw my high school pals Jen and Cindy last weekend for our yearly summertime medspa catch-up, and this time we met at a fancy-schmancy outdoor mini-mall called the Marin country Mart.

Oh, and side note, when you live in the Bay area and you’re tasked with doing the planning for a get-together, you try to organize for the festivities to happen on your side of whichever of the three Bay area bridges is closest to you (Dumbarton, Bay Bridge or the golden Gate). #bayareafunfacts

Anyway, the Marin country Mart. It has turtles in a fountain, upscale restaurants, shopping, and a large vehicle parking lot where, over the years, I’ve weaved creative blankets of expletives at people who have rudely cut me off. (My 10-year-old Mazda looks out of place amidst the sea of range Rovers and Teslas.)


Γάτες & μακιγιάζ φούτερ;

$ 42

Ψώνισε τώρα

It also just so happens to be heaven on earth, because it has a Shake Shack *and* an international Orange Spa.

I had a cheeseburger, fries and a salted caramel milkshake.
I love going to spas, but the snack situation is practically always dire. There may be cucumber water, tea, fruit and, if you’re lucky, trail mix. international Orange has dried apricots and dark chocolate, which is ok I guess…but it’s nowhere near as satisfying as stuffing yourself silly with a salted caramel milkshake, cheeseburger and fries!

So, we had a long lunch at Shake Shack — which is like In-n-Out, but with very intense milkshakes — then walked over to international Orange for massages.

International Orange Spa
Minimalist and zen…
My 60-minute deep-tissue massage liquefied my bones. When it ended, I crawled into a lounge chair in the relaxation room, covered myself with a blanket, and fell asleep…

Inside the relaxation room
View of the bay from the spa’s sun deck
Spa snacks
At the end of the day, we all made a blood promise to return and experience the magic of milkshakes and massages again, ASAP.

I’m serious, this is a highly recommended spa+cuisine combo!

New face base dynamic duo

While we’re on the topic of supreme combos…

MAC face and Body and Kevyn Aucoin Etherealist very natural Concealer are SO, SO good together.

For face and Body, I typically do a mix of C4 and C5. In the Kevyn Aucoin Supernatural Concealer, I wear EC04 (the peachy shade for color correcting) and EC06 (a medium warm beige).
Super natural is yet another makeup gem I unearthed while recently cleaning out my makeup drawers. It’s a medium-coverage liquid concealer with a demi-satin finish and comes in eight shades.

When I first tried it a while back, I remember loving how it looked on my skin, but I wasn’t a fan of the way it disappeared under my eyes.

But when I wear it on my cheeks on top of face and Body, it’s a different story.

It stays put, and Etherealist’s subtle opalescence is close enough to face and Body’s dewy finish that there isn’t an apparent line of demarcation between the concealer and the foundation, so you barely have to do any blending.

Etherealist practically erases my pores. It’s also very lightweight, and I can’t feel it on my skin.

When does foundation expire?

Oh, and speaking of foundation, Bebe (hi, girl!) recently asked in the comments when foundation expires. Well, experts typically say 12 months, and many bottles are marked with a 12-month expiration date (look for a small picture of a jar with numbers somewhere on the tube).

I tend to be a little “less strict” when it concerns my own personal use… Honestly, I’ll typically wait until a foundation starts to smell funny or the formula starts to separate…

Ξέρω ξέρω. I don’t endorse this, but I’m prepared to take that risk. Of course, if a product looks, smells or feels “off” or causes me to break out, I’ll toss it immediately.

Everyone handles charm product expiration dates differently, though. I have some pals who chuck their foundations precisely at the 12-month mark.


Η φιλική γοητεία της γειτονιάς σας,


ΥΣΤΕΡΟΓΡΑΦΟ. now I’m hungry for a burger and fries!

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