RiRi Hearts MAC Fall: Hibiscus Kiss Powder blush Duo

The Hibiscus Kiss Powder blush Duo is blooming on counters with the rest of the MAC RiRi Hearts collection for fall.
One of the themes in last summer’s RiRi Hearts MAC summertime collection was the concept of opposites — rich, opaque lips contrasting against sheer cheeks — as well as MAC seems to have weaved that exact same concept with RiRi Hearts autumn as well, with strong lipsticks balanced with sheer eyeshadows (see: the Smoked Cocoa quad) as well as cheeks via the re-launched Hibiscus Kiss Powder blush Duo.

Remember Hibiscus Kiss from last summer? This new version’s basically the exact same flower, however with updated plumage/attire.


Limited edition increased gold RiRi packaging
There’s a super sheer matte bronze (well, at least it’s super sheer on me!) as well as a great coral with a satin surface inside.

Hibiscus Kiss Powder blush Duo, $29 us as well as $34 CDN

It takes some work to get the bronze shade to show up well on my NC42 skin, exact same just like the OG version. It’s sheerer than sheer on me, as well as I can barely see it on my skin…

Matte bronze on the left (yep, there’s a swatch there!) as well as the satiny great coral on the right
I won’t be able to truly utilize it as a blush or bronzer, as well as I bet it would equate much much better on lighter skin tones. You may have to scrape off the top layer, though, to get to the great stuff underneath, as the pan, for some reason, is extremely hard.


Γάτες & μακιγιάζ φούτερ;

$ 42

Ψώνισε τώρα

As for the coral blush, I really like it more than last summer’s version.

It’s one of those blushes that looks kinda iffy in swatches, because of exactly how sheer it is, however looks more fascinating as well as obvious cleaned on cheeks.

This season’s version is brighter as well as more intense than last’s; in the pic below, I utilized two layers.

Hibiscus Kiss on my cheeks; RiRi Woo Lipglass on my lips; as well as Pointblack Liquidlast Liner, Gigablack Exptended Play Lash, Cork Eye Shadow, as well as the Smoked Cocoa quad on my eyes
Like the bronze shade, the coral’s surface is bedrock hard, however it’s softer beneath the top layer.

This one is most likely much better fit to lighter skinned lovelies, so if you’re around my shade or darker, brace yourself for a great deal of layering, particularly with the bronze.


The RiRi Hearts MAC collection takes center stage inside MAC stores September 26, on the internet at maccosmetics.com September 30, as well as at MAC counters October 3.

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