The metropolitan Decay naked supreme fundamentals Eyeshadow combination

using the new metropolitan Decay naked supreme fundamentals Eyeshadow Palette
Meanwhile, eight eyeshadows later…

I don’t even understand exactly how this happened.



I started with two neutral browns from the new $55 metropolitan Decay naked supreme fundamentals Palette, which is a new holiday combination from UD (you can indication as much as discover out when it’ll be available), however then 45 minutes had gone by as well as I’d burned with practically the entire biggest hits album from The Cure.

The $55 metropolitan Decay naked supreme fundamentals Eyeshadow Palette
I fell into the Eye makeup Black Hole, which occurs to me periodically…and by “periodically,” I imply all the damned time.


Γάτες & μακιγιάζ φούτερ;

$ 42

Ψώνισε τώρα

But isn’t that always the method it is with these metropolitan Decay naked Palettes? You go in completely meaning to do a easy look with just two of the shadows, however lo as well as behold — POOF! — there went half the day.

Or is that just something I do? Πολύ?

The metropolitan Decay naked supreme fundamentals Palette
It’s been six years because the original naked combination dropped like the bikinis as well as briefs on a nude beach, as well as UD is still playing with the brown/beige/taupe theme. This one’s all about those neutral matte powder shadows.

Well…most of them are matte. There is one highlighting shadow that does have some extremely subtle shimmer (which was a fantastic addition, BTW!).

A better look at the eyeshadows…

The naked supreme fundamentals combination is like the lovechild of the matte naked fundamentals Palettes as well as that extremely very first naked combination from UD, however before we talk about the pink elephant in the room, right here are the fundamental details…

It’s $55 as well as shows up in mid-September (you can indication as much as be notified when it drops).

It’s part of the long-term collection.

It includes a dual-ended clean as well as a nice, huge mirror in the palette.

The packaging is similar to the metropolitan Decay naked On the Run combination however smaller as well as thinner.

It includes 12 all-new shades that are special to the palette, including…

Blow — a light nude demi-matte

Nudie — a soft pinkish nude matte

Commando — a light taupe-brown matte

Tempted — a pale brown matte

Instinct — a medium pink-taupe matte

Lethal — a reddish brown matte

Pre-Game — a pale yellow matte

Extra Bitter — a burnt orange matte

Faith — a medium warm brown matte

Lockout — a rich netural brown matte

Magnet — a smoky gray matte

Blackjack — a warm black matte

The shades are extremely neutral, with the exception of burnt matte orange additional Bitter, which is kinda similar to MAC Saddle as well as leans quite warm on me. however in some cases I like a touch of warmth in the crease as well as on my lower lash line, particularly when I’m using bronzer.
Something like additional Bitter would tie a look together in a neat bow.

They feel gloriously soft.

The shades are much more pigmented then I expected them to be based on exactly how light they look in the pans.

They have fantastic staying power as well as last 10-12 hours for me.

Pretty enticing, right? Whenever I see neutral palettes such as this one I get the exact same feeling that I get when I look out my window as well as see a cat. Something primal takes over, as well as I’m conquer with the requirement to pet them as well as play with them as well as just get on that sh*t.

I can’t stop myself! I requirement to befriend them all.

But I assumption the huge concern is this (a.k.a. the pink elephant in the room): with all of the neutral palettes available in makeup candy Land, is this worth your hard-earned tacos?

Here I’m using Blow, Nudie, Commando, Pre-Game, additional Bitter, Faith, Lockout as well as Blackjack
Ετσι πιστεύω. I’ve utilized this combination five days in row, as well as it’s well on its method to earning a valued location in the drawer where I keep my makeup must-haves.

You have to truly like mattes, though…but I do. I believe they get along well with mature skin as well as don’t phone call out fine lines as LOUDLY as many shimmers do.

Also, if you don’t have a deep crease (hooded eyes), neutral mattes like theses are fantastic for producing what appears like shadows as well as an illusion of deeper set eyes.

They’re handy, is what I’m saying, as well as I wear them often.

I gotta say, though, I didn’t expect the browns to show up well on my skin since of exactly how light they look in the pans, however surprise! — they look darker when you buff as well as blend.

I truly like these browns, as well as GIRL, I can wear me some browns. They are all carefully associated sufficient that you can utilize them to produce good shifts from dark to light. They make it simple to bang out brown smokeY μάτια με ομαλές κλίσεις (το αγαπημένο μου!).

Και τα άλλα χρώματα στο συνδυασμό – όπως το μπεζ, γκρίζο καθώς και μαύρο – συμπληρώστε τέλεια τις καφέ αποχρώσεις.

Πιστεύω επίσης ότι ήταν έξυπνος της μητροπολιτικής αποσύνθεσης για να προσθέσω χτύπημα, το demi-matte γυμνό με λίγο λάμπει, γιατί, καλά, ας το αντιμετωπίσουμε να σκάψουν με την τσάντα μου για να ανακαλύψω μια εσωτερική γωνία shade.

Έχει μια συναρπαστική επιφάνεια που είναι αντανακλαστική, ωστόσο λεπτή, καθώς και σίγουρα δεν είναι τόσο λαμπερό που θα τηλεφωνούσαμε ένα πλήρες λαμπερό λάμψη.

Εάν η UD έκανε ένα ολόκληρο συνδυασμό των Mattes, όπως αυτό, θα ήμουν γύρω από το Drake στην Rihanna σε κάθε βίντεο.

Και τότε υπάρχει ο χρόνος φθοράς! Αυτές οι σκιές δεν πίνουν καθόλου τα ξηρά μου καπάκια. Τους δοκιμάσαμε με μια σειρά από βάσεις (NARS Pro-Prime, λίγα σκιά βαφής Mac καθώς και διαφορετικές άλλες σκιές με κρέμα), καθώς και αυτές οι αγκαλιές καθώς και δεν θα αφήσουν να φύγουν.

Βοηθάει πραγματικά αν εκφορτώσετε το καθαρό σας πριν τις εφαρμόσετε στα καπάκια σας, επειδή, το Purr τυπικό για τις σκιές UD, έχει την τάση να είναι πολύ περισσότερο μετά από τα αποτελέσματα με αυτά από πολλά σκιά ματιών, ωστόσο είμαι έτοιμος να το βάλω.


Εάν είστε ένας φίλος για καφέ, καθώς και με κουκούλα μάτια και / ή ώριμο δέρμα, αυτός ο ένας είναι ένας χρήσιμος συνδυασμός μακροχρόνιων σκιωνιών για να έχουν γύρω.

Η φιλική κοινότητα του κοινού γοητεία σας,


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