The Pumpkin flavor should Flow! one more Starbucks #PSL look With evaluations of the new MAC studio repair 24-HR Concealer, Patrick Starrr young boy about town Kit, as well as much more

Pumpkin flavor ERRRTHANG
I’m using one more pumpkin flavor latte look today! (More evaluations on the essential makeup products, all the new things from MAC that are out best now, in just a sec.) however first, my newest Starbucks adventure…

Like I discussed yesterday, for many years I believed the Starbucks Pumpkin flavor Latte was restricted to the standard-issue #PSL, however I couldn’t have been much more wrong. If you look around, you can discover tons of different versions of the PSL (even healthy-ish ones)! If you’re not into the very wonderful OG latte (which, I admit, can be a bit much, even for my wonderful tooth sometimes), you’ve gotta try this other version from The Macrobarista, which I got earlier today.



This healthier version of the PSL is spicy as well as pumpkin-y like the O.G. version, however it’s less sugary. I got mine without the whipped cream, as well as it was still wonderful sufficient to satisfy my wonderful tooth. Comforting perfection in a coffee cup!

No joke, I could’ve downed at least three of them, however Tabs, the world (and I) are not correctly equipped to deal with a hyper-caffeinated K-Dawg. So I just stuck to one, ha ha!


Cats & makeup Sweatshirt ??


Ψώνισε τώρα

Oh, as well as if you were wondering, that intense red matte lippie on my lips did not budge one bit as I slammed this.

I took this picture after I was done guzzling.
Which leads me to these thoughts on ‘ze MAC I’m using in today’s PSL-inspired look…

MAC Patrick Starr young boy about town set ($42.50)

This two-piece LE set includes the Overpacked combination as well as #pattypout lipstick.
Nothing states “It’s PSL season” like an ultra matte red liquid lippie, as well as MAC has one of the very best liquid lipstick lines available with their vintage Mattes. They’re long long lasting as well as very concentrated, with creamy color that won’t budge, no matter exactly how numerous times you kiss your tabby throughout the day (this is my go-to shade from the line). The #pattypout vintage Matte red in Patrick Starr’s newest LE MAC collab is all of those things, as well as it has some deep, unforeseen burgundy tones — like crushed red cherries — that get your attention.

The quad… Not the simplest to blend. I swirled my blending clean on my lids like a human Ninja Blender, as well as yet the three mattes kept skipping. The glittery bronze is challenging, too, since the pieces like to fly around the place.

MAC studio repair 24-HR Smooth wear Concealer ($22)

I’m using MAC’s newest full-coverage, oil-free liquid concealer in this look as both a deal with foundation as well as an under-eye concealer, as well as it’s truly great — so great that it just may have converted me back into an under-eye concealer woman again… Maybe.

If you desired that hyper-perfected, even-toned skin back in the day, your finest choice in MAC was Pro-Longwear Concealer, as well as it’s still available, however it isn’t the most individual friendly in the world. The pump is tricky, you have to blend rapidly since it dries fast, as well as if you unintentionally apply as well much, you end up with cake face. Plus, it has a tendency to oxidize, so you have to compensate by going a shade or two down… Sh*t is complicated, yo.

This new 24-HR one has the pigment intensity as well as full protection of Pro-Longwear, however it’s so much simpler to utilize on so numerous levels. There’s no drama with blending whatsoever (I utilize fingers or a synthetic blending clean dampened with a bit MAC Fix+), as well as it kinda fills out pores, too, so your skin looks truly smooth.

Bottom line: This full-coverage, long-lasting yet natural-looking concealer is available in a good variety of shades that stay true to color on the skin (no oxidizing!). certainly a go, however FYI, you may have to change to a shade or two darker than your common MAC color, because the 24-HR concealers run somewhat lighter than I expected them to. I typically wear studio repair foundation NC42 on my face, as well as when I wear 24-HR as a foundation, I choose NC43, since the NC42 is as well light.

So numerous colors!
So numerous shades!
MAC studio repair Sculpt as well as shape Contour combination in medium Dark/Dark ($39.50)

ΚΟΡΙΤΣΙ. Soft Focus! It’s the name of the yellowish highlighter in this six-pan combination of deal with powders for bronzing, contouring as well as highlighting. As a brow bone highlight, it’s perfection, as well as the essential is the sheen. When I blend a bit just below the greatest point of my arch, it subtly shows the light to make my brows look lifted as well as higher as well as my eyes look much more open. as well as unlike your common frosty highlighter, Soft focus does this without τυφλώνει όποιος κοιτάζει στο Ya.

Μεσαίο / μεσαίο σκοτάδι
Είμαι ένα NC42.


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