The new Tom Ford charm Lipsticks in Crimson Noir, Bruised Plum, Sable Smoke as well as Vanilla Suede luxurious Lips in high-end This autumn

using Tom Ford’s new Crimson Noir Lipstick ($49), one of four new shades offered for autumn 2013
“Do you have any type of concept haw numerous cans of gravy that is?!”

— What Tabs states (inside voice) each time we talk about Tom Ford Lipsticks being practically $50 each.

The cost is totally redonk, however as far as spendy splurges go, at least Tom Ford Beauty’s new $49 lippies make you feel like a million bucks.

Tom’s Lipsticks are like cooking a meal on Le Creuset pans as well as serving it on fine china. Or like looking into your dream wardrobe as well as trying to choose between the Louis or Chanel bag…right after you get the Choos.


This fall, Tom’s shades have that “You have arrived” vibe. The two nudes as well as two bolds make me feel grand — like I lastly got that corner office I always desired right here at Tabs the feline Industries, LLC.

The shades are re-promoted colors in the new autumn 2013 line.

Crimson Noir Lipstick
Of these four, Crimson Noir is my favorite, however not by far. All it takes to brighten my look is a single layer of this intense red with its supernaturally smooth, satiny finish. It’s one of those reds guaranteed to turns heads.
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Γάτες & μακιγιάζ φούτερ;

$ 42

Ψώνισε τώρα

Sable Smoke Lipstick
Sable Smoke, the peachy beige, runs a close second. When you have pigmented lips like I do, light beige shades like Sable Smoke are frequently difficult to pull off, however Tom got this completely right. Smooth, opaque as well as just ordinary elegant, it’s a red carpet color as well as already a new local of my purse.
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Bruised Plum Lipstick
Bruised Plum, to me the most remarkable color of the bunch, ought to flat-out sing on light as well as dark skin tones. like Sable Smoke, Crimson Noir as well as Ryan Gosling, it’s smoooooove. would like to see this on a extremely pale princess as well as a dark damsel. I bet it would look truly hot. Μου αρέσει! — I just desire it were a bit much more unique. makeup as well as charm blog RATING: B+

Vanilla Suede Lipstick

Vanilla Suede, the fourth shade, plays it safer than its three siblings. A shimmery pinkish beige, it’s most likely the most fundamental of the bunch. Still a extremely lovely nude shade, particularly when it’s layered with a sheer, shimmery pink gloss, I bet you might discover something similar for less.
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Swatches from the left: Vanilla Suede, Sable Smoke, Crimson Noir as well as Bruised Plum
Bruised Plum
Sable Smoke
Crimson Noir
Vanilla Suede

So, the other day while I was playing with the colors I mixed Crimson Noir with Sable Smoke on a whim, as well as the result? Off the hook!

The Sonia Kashuk Eye Couture combination in Eye on Neutral Shimmer on my eyes as well as Tom Ford Crimson Noir mixed with Sable Smoke on my lips
Sable Smoke turns up the brightness of Crimson Noir, as well as together, the two make magic. I’m gonna try to discover drugstore dupes for both as well as do the exact same thing.


All four new shades are offered now at Tom Ford counters at Neiman Marcus stores as well as likewise online.

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