Saturday Surfing, December 8th, 2018

G’morning! got shine on my mind today since I painted my nails for the very first time in weeks yesterday (FINALLY), as well as I utilized Smith & Cult vegas publish Apocalyptic. It’s a remove shine base with mainly lavender shine flecks in it, however likewise some holographic blue, pink, yellow as well as eco-friendly flecks as well.


Yup, this is my concept of holiday nails. ?

I don’t truly do standard Christmas color combos like red as well as gold anymore since one year everybody I ran into (SERIOUSLY, EVERYONE) presumed that whenever I used a red/gold mani, it was a shout-out to the San Francisco 49ers, which was fine…but that wasn’t what I was going for. I must’ve said, “Christmas nails, not 49ers nails” three thousand times, ha ha! Λοιπόν ναι.

This specific glittery polish isn’t on the Smith & Cult web site anymore (boo!), however there’s a incredibly similar color called Take Fountain, which I believe may really be the exact same polish with a different name.


Γάτες & μακιγιάζ φούτερ;

$ 42

Ψώνισε τώρα

Also, I believe A bit charming looks extremely cool, too…


Σε αυτό το σημείωμα, η σημερινή ανάγνωση …

What it’s like to spend 48 hours in new York with Chanel’s worldwide innovative director for makeup as well as color, Lucia Pica.

Shout-out to my alma mater UC Davis for their cutting-edge shed treatments for cats as well as dogs injured in the Camp terminate last month. The vets apply sterilized tilapia skin to wounds since the fish skin consists of collagen, a protein that can assist stop infection as well as motivate the skin to repair.

Fun facts about Ulta! Did you understand that the store utilized be called Ulta3??

Cat ladies, you’ll want to get hold of these charming holiday-themed feline scratchers as well as kitty gear on your next Target run.

Feel complimentary to ahead this publish on the five appeal products to get when you begin using makeup to all the dudes you know.

Here’s exactly how lots of makeup artists like to apply makeup on people with freckles.

The NY Times as well as I agree — you must walk your ? Γάτα.

Here are the two artists who did the special impacts makeup for the Swedish motion picture Boarder, a dark fantasy about two trolls, as well as the champion of Cannes’ Un specific regard prize.

The publish explains the technical elements of the makeup, including the utilize of old-school gelatin, rather than silicone, for the actors’ prosthetics.

The reason why Queen Elizabeth I caked her deal with in a mask of white makeup.

There’s a motion happening in South Korea called “Escape the Corset.”

Just in situation you would like a nail polish to match the Mercedes-Benz you’re getting for Christmas, LOL!

That Lil’ Kim sample, tho!!!

Παλιό σχολείο! I like the styling in this video. (I utilized to gown such as this back in the day!)

Note to self: enjoy this.

Somebody please 1) kidnap this feline for me, as well as 2) make me this omelette.

OK, now we’re off to get our Christmas tree ? as well as to embellish the house.

So…how long do you believe it’ll take before Tabs ? attacks the tree…? Μια μέρα? Μια εβδομάδα?


Τι σκαρώνεις?

Η φιλική σας κοινότητα προσφυγή εξαρτημάτων,


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