You’ll look like You’ve Been dancing All night long wearing one of the three bright new MAC tropical Taboo Mineralize Blushes in Exotic Ember, Simmer and sweet Samba

Simmer Mineralize blush from the MAC tropical Taboo collection
Guess who just got cast in a new reality TV show!?

Ξέρω! It’s called So You think You Can’t Dance, and it’s still pretty new, so it only has a small following of just one husky tabby cat.


Προς το παρόν. but I’m sure it’s going to catch on soon. It has a winning formula.

The season premiere was last night…in my living room. Yeah, it aired while El Hub and I were viewing So You think You Can Dance, when after every one of the show’s dance routines, we danced around our living room, hootin’, hollerin’ and twirling around like decline ninjas.

“Okay,” one of us would say in complete seriousness, “now it’s time for our contemporary routine!” Then, no matter what type of dance we were expected to be doing, El Hub would end up doing the robot, and I’d do the cha-cha.


Γάτες & μακιγιάζ φούτερ;

$ 42

Ψώνισε τώρα

Being the only contestants on the show, the odds of us winning this season are good.

It’s fun, but I really just want to practice my Latin dance moves so that I could keep up with the three new $25 MAC tropical Taboo Mineralize Blushes…

Exotic Ember Mineralize Blush, an orange with bronze pearl
Exotic Ember, Simmer and sweet Samba shimmy onto MAC shelves and into hearts and stores tomorrow (but they’re available online now!), and they’re ready to lead MAC girls (and guys) through a glamorous and tropic-themed routine on the dance floor.

Just don’t be amazed if they try to hog the spotlight, because they’re hella pigmented.

Simmer Mineralize Blush, a burnt rose with peach and gold pearl
Hips grind, skirts twirl, heels spin and skin glistens as you work yourself into a frenzy on the dance floor. These blushes are a flurry of intense pigment and luminous, opalescent shimmer, and with any of them on your cheeks, you’ll look like you’ve been shaking what your mama gave you all night long.

Sweet Samba Mineralize Blush, a dark pink with tan pearl
With MAC’s Mineralize blush formula, there’s always the chance you’ll run into a shade with chunky glitter that flies all over the place or an uber-frosty finish that acts like a foghorn for your pores (WE’RE KAREN’S PORES! check us OUT, Y’ALL!!), but that hasn’t been the case for me with any of these shades.

All three have a shiny finish, which is common of the Mineralize Blushes, but their shine comes from fine pearl particles that create flushed, bright cheeks that catch the light without appearing metallic or frosty.

Mineralize blush from the left: Exotic Ember, Simmer and sweet Samba
These blushes are also pigmented, so if you want very dramatic, flushed cheeks for, say, a stage performance (which I think these would be awesome for!), then a regular ol’ blush brush ought to suffice, but for everyday looks, I’d choose a fan brush.

Sweet Samba

With a fan brush, I get the most natural results — a flush of color and an opalescent shine. Of course, you could always apply another layer (or two) for brighter cheeks.

Exotic Amber


Because these blushes are so pigmented, they ought to suit gals/guys rocking a tan well, although I think lighter lovelies and pale princesses could also rock ’em… may want to keep those fan brushes nearby, though (and remember to swipe the bristles on a paper towel or napkin first to unload any excess product).

Some thoughts on the individual shades…

I think Simmer, the burnt rose with peachy golden pearl, is the most wearable of these three because, while pigmented, it’s not overly bright. I can see it working well on many skin tones as the most natural-looking one here.
MAKEUP and charm blog RATING: A

Sweet Samba, an intense pink with tan pearl, sure looks bright on my cheeks! use a light touch with this one, and keep a blending brush on standby. I really like this one, but it does take work.
MAKEUP and charm blog RATING: B+/A-

Exotic Ember, an orange with bronze pearl, tends to look muddy if I overdo it. I don’t feel like it’s particularly flattering on my cheeks (makes ’em look kinda dirty, actually, like I just finished mud-wrestling). Not my favorite one of the bunch, but it might be one to consider if you’re a bronzed charm or a dark-skinned damsel.
MAKEUP and charm blog RATING: B

Η φιλική γοητεία της γειτονιάς σας,


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